1. Dear Followers,

    unfortunately my current job is keeping me from creating new fabulous Bellamyfications (for a while longer). Therefore I would doubly encourage everyone to get creative and SUBMIT to provide updates for the blog until I can get on with the Photoshop fun!

    Keep rockin’!

  2. Matt as Ariana Grande


  3. ironwoman14 said: Matt as Rage Against the Machine? :)

    RATM - enjoy!

  4. MBAEM recently turned 3(!) years old, so in order to celebrate this milestone, here’s Matt as Hot Housewife Freddie Mercury.

    View “normal” Freddie HERE & Queen HERE


  5. dis-astri said: Matt as Marina Diamandis????????????

    Yes, HERE

  6. Matt as Macaulay Culkin’s Velvet Underground tribute “band”, Pizza Underground, which has a repertoire consisting entirely of songs about pizza.

  7. Matt as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

  8. Hey, what’s goin’ on?? Matt as 4 Non Blondes


  9. ughpeoplx said: I've never had a favourite blog, but then I found this one. It made me forget about everything for like 20 minutes at the same time I was laughing my ass off! I do love it. Thanks and know you have someone who will visit this blog everyday :D PS: And I'd love if you could do Matt as Victoria Justice, even if she's not so famous I really love her and it would be so funny lol

    Aww that is so sweet, I’m glad this nutty lil’ blog has made you happy! As for your request-I’ll see to it ASAP

  10. Matt as Avicii